About Us

Who are we?

Unlid is a political and cultural blog featuring in-depth analysis of stories from around the world. In an era when good journalism is constantly at risk of being undermined by new challenges, we are committed to reporting truthfully on the stories that matter most to people by challenging injustice, and truthfully reflecting people’s daily lives.

Our regular rollout of content, ranging from articles on current affairs, reviews, and interviews, gives our audience a broad range of insights on the issues most affecting our world today.

What we believe

Knowledge is crucial when trying to understand how and why decisions are made by policy makers and the public at large. That is why we are dedicated to ensuring all of our content is well-researched, and guided by journalistic integrity. In this way, we can create an avenue for well-informed and insightful content, which should be used as a vital resource for anyone interested and invested in the truth.

Our focus is committed to unravelling the biggest stories affecting our world today, from globalisation, to immigration, corruption, poverty, and war, no subject is off limits.

Culture underpins so much of how we view and understand the world around us, which is why we are committed to showcasing and reviewing it; from gallery exhibitions, stage productions, and insightful film, literature, and music reviews.

Diversity and Inclusion

Here at Unlid we are open to collaborations with journalists and anyone who potentially has a good story to tell, while also recognizing and valuing the diversity of their backgrounds and perspectives.

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Today the murky waters between truth and lies can be difficult to navigate, with so many avenues for falsehoods free to filter through. That is why Good journalism is more crucial now than ever.

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